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Tired of Excessive Roaming Costs for Your Travelling Staff?

SiRRAN Offers a Highly Secure Private Mobile Network Solution for Embassies and Foreign Offices To receive the full case study or discover more please contact innovation@sirran.com. The Issue Embassy employees use local SIMs to overcome excessive roaming charges or roam their own SIMs onto a foreign operator’s network. Both have significant security risks due to... View Article

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Decentralised LTE Network: Lower Latency – More Efficiency

The world is moving from LTE network to 5G and the demands of “connected cities” with many thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices needing to intercommunicate in real time. This is driving the requirement for faster low-cost low-latency connectivity. Challenges of a Traditional Centralised Network In the traditional 4G or LTE network model, the... View Article

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