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SiRRAN Celebrates 10 Years of Mobile Solution Deployment

Since inception in 2008 SiRRAN has continuously provided high quality mobile solutions to military, government agencies and large enterprises. SiRRAN‘s major achievements and highlights have included: Roll-out of the largest small-cell network in the world designed specifically for First Responders Provision of lab-systems for all of the largest IT-companies and universities in the world Bespoke... View Article

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Decentralised LTE Network: Lower Latency – More Efficiency

The world is moving from LTE network to 5G and the demands of “connected cities” with many thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices needing to intercommunicate in real time. This is driving the requirement for faster low-cost low-latency connectivity. Challenges of a Traditional Centralised Network In the traditional 4G or LTE network model, the... View Article

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Long Term Evolution to 5G

5G will provide the underlying fabric to enable the next generation of wireless devices to achieve greater data speeds, energy efficiency and lower latency, independent of radio technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the requirement for faster low cost low latency connectivity. A plethora of new applications, wearable devices, smart homes, vehicle management,... View Article

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