Tactical Cellular Mobile Networks For Weather Forecast And Flood Control


The SiRRAN-Huckworthy Partnership has once again been selected as the network of choice when coverage really matters, which is in tactical and challenging situations. The NET Series GSM and 3G Tactical Mobile Networks continue to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability and affordability in the industry.

Huckworthy will supply the fully integrated portable cellular network solutions, powered by SiRRAN’s NET Series converged 2G/3G core network software, by the end of September.

The TRAVELLER TMNs will deliver essential mobile communications & data management for the ground teams of the national meteorological office of one of Asia Pacific’s largest nations. They will provide reliable wireless infrastructure within minutes and with the capability to operate as a private network, and also open up to public cellular devices when appropriate. The TRAVELLER TMN and SiRRAN NET Series are satellite and wireless backhaul optimized, eliminating many of the problems seen in traditional rural and rapid response networks, marking a significant leap forward in capabilities for agents working in the field.

The TRAVELLER TMN is available in  4G LTE, 3G, GSM and combined variants,  and can be packaged for man-portable solutions (such as the disaster prevention/response application), man-pack, maritime, aviation platforms and fixed location infrastructure – making it the most versatile micro and macro network offer in the marketplace.


About Huckworthy LLC
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September 20, 2016

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