Getting the most out of your mobile device, connected sensors or applications - when testing or researching.

Road test new apps and hardware on your own private cellular network.

Enjoy associated cost benefits of building reliable products.

Test devices, apps and services accurately in a controlled environment.

Easily adapt to suit your specific research or testing purposes.

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Some of the largest global technology and software companies use our solutions to streamline their app development process. Test your products in real-world scenarios before their release and gain first-hand knowledge of how devices will react on mobile networks to solve potential issues before they arise in a commercial environment.

SiRRAN Lab replicates cellular networks – which includes 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Our software’s success is due to its simple interfaces and ease of use. You don’t need to be an expert to use it and our support team are on hand to help.

Visibility Into End-To-End Transaction Flow

Enhanced control, configuration and management capabilities with access to the core, gateways, access points and user equipment.

Easy To Implement And Use

Well designed, intuitive interfaces and simplified provisioning that require minimal training and support.

Greatly Reduced Costs

With free calls, SMS and data within network.


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Our software helps you create and innovate in existing and new markets


Quick and easy deployment within the smallest footprint for First Responders.

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Ensuring reduced time to market through easy integration and reliability.

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This is the first truly open to the research community setup, supporting multiple configuration parameters, thus enabling a very high diversity in the different configurations supported by the research facilities.


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