SiRRAN’s Tactical NET Series Announced As Counter Terror Expo Award Finalists

SiRRAN’s innovation and success recognised as primary product lines are named Finalists at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards 2013

Counter Terror Expo 2013, held at Olympia in London, April 24th and 25th, is the largest international event for mitigation of threats, protection against terrorist attacks and understanding current modern day government, business and first responder risks in a secure environment.

SiRRAN Tactical NET Series; finalist in the ‘Best Emergency Response Initiative’ provides secure voice, video and data communications to deployed personnel enabling teams of military, intelligence, first responder or remote workers to maintain contact in the most challenging of communications environments. NET Series is available in 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE variants; meaning solution can be tailored and scaled to client requirement, and are fully interoperable with public carrier networks, Cisco and other private VoIP enabled networks, and SiRRAN’s own global Secure Mobile platforms.

SiRRAN Communications will be supporting Emerald Technology Group on Stand B20 in the Cyber Security zone.   Patrick Robinson, CEO of Emerald Technology Group, and his team will be demonstrating how SiRRAN’s product lines, notably Secure Mobile and NET Series in their Cyber Security and First Responder roles, help to fulfil the core criteria of the event – protection against terrorist attacks and understanding current modern day risks; by demonstrating the best of breed in resilient communications in the case of a catastrophic events to the leading global experts from within the Police, Emergency Services, Government, Military, Intelligence & Security Services, Private Sector, Large scale site, Oil & Gas, Cyber, Maritime / Anti-Piracy and Critical National Infrastructure sectors.


About Emerald Technology Group

Emerald provides the complete solution if you are looking for secure, rapidly deployable, military grade telecommunication systems on land or sea. These systems are in use today by many government agencies worldwide. All development, design and manufacture is done in the UK.

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May 20, 2013

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