Worldwide Connectivity from a Private Mobile Network

Get All Your Calls and SMS Worldwide with ANY SIM

SiRRAN Roam-In offers you all the benefits of a private network with the ability to use any SIM on 2G and 3G and receive inbound calls and SMS automatically to your mobile phone.


“I just want MY mobile phone to work normally”

~ was the direction we received from a senior military officer back in 2009.

This was the catalyst SiRRAN needed to develop Roam-In and remove the barriers that make standalone or bubble networks difficult to manage and negate the cumbersome user experience. It became evident that to provide a truly seamless solution for users within a private network whilst still maintaining security with “whitelists” and “blacklists” was the only way forward for 2G/3G and LTE private networks.


Overcome the Limitations of Non-Integrated Bubble Networks

It is not feasible to expect users to change SIMs or handsets, lose inbound voice/SMS and use clumsy call-forwarding to overcome the limitations of a non-integrated bubble network. This is why SiRRAN’s Roam-In service – based on SiRRAN NetCore technology – is seen as the market-leading technology within the 2G/3G/LTE soft core space.