SiRRAN Rescue Ideal User Scenarios


Once a disaster has begun, emergency response activities commence immediately where the first minutes and hours are crucial. The Response Phase is typically completed within first 72 hours.


First on the Scene

The First Responder team is able to access the disaster zone with a solution that supports users on the move with flexible deployment on land, sea and air.


The Emergency Cellular Network is live within minutes.

A 2G open network designed to offer emergency communications when the public services are down. Any mobile phone within range will automatically register meaning First Responders can quickly engage with casualties.


Population Broadcast

Broadcast critical information informing them of where to find shelter, food and water and to quickly identify those in most urgent need of aid.

[A Welcome message broadcasted to all: Welcome to Emergency Service Network. Supplies are at town hall. For immediate aid SMS 123]


Direction Finding

Call survivors who are in critical need to determine their location whilst sending ground team out to casualties. The Direction Finding receiver picks up phone signals so that First Responders can locate survivor.


High Speed Mobile Data Services

Access centralized systems and databases to obtain information such as building structure, architecture diagrams, past incidents at the site, etc. but more importantly, this information can be sent down to the individual user’s mobile device.



September 20, 2017

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