SiRRAN Celebrates 10 Years of Mobile Solution Deployment

Since inception in 2008 SiRRAN has continuously provided high quality mobile solutions to military, government agencies and large enterprises.

SiRRAN‘s major achievements and highlights have included:

From 2G to LTE – and the Upcoming Road to 5G

During the last 10 years SiRRAN has strived to make new technologies available to its customers and we have seen the migration from 2G to 3G to LTE. During the last 10 years SiRRAN has strived to make new technologies available to its customers. We have always stayed ahead of the curve so that our customers are able to develop on the newest mobile technologies available. SiRRAN is now heavily invested in the development of a 5G offering. This will enable the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to become a reality within the small cell environment and complement SiRRAN’s existing 4G / LTE capabilities.

Future-Proof Solutions for Various Deployments

SiRRAN’s approach has ensured that our mobile eco-system – and consequently our customers solutions – are completely future-proof. This constant evolution of our products has ensured that our customers and System Integrators have been able to address specific market needs. This approach enables them to realise their requirements for a plethora of deployment situations; whether using our proven market leading evolved packet core for LTE today, or our 3G or 5G neighboring product lines.

API-driven Technology for More Flexibility

Where we are today: In addition to our simple turnkey user interfaces for each of our offerings, SiRRAN’s products have evolved into a suite of API-driven technologies that permit our customers and System Integrators to craft solutions to address their individual requirements and hence add increased value and ownership.

We are looking forward to what the next decade will bring!

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December 18, 2018

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