Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories Chooses SiRRAN LAB

University Multispectral Laboratories deploys private GSM cellular network to further national security and energy sector research

SiRRAN Communications Ltd, world leaders in 2G, 3G, LTE deployable cell solutions and Secure Mobile encrypted voice and data services within the government and commercial sectors, in conjunction with their partner 4k Solutions, have delivered their popular GSMNet series cellular solution to product to Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories (UML).

The UML required a cost-effective, scaled-down cellular network to conduct real-world research and testing of advanced technologies developed in support of U.S. national security and energy interests.

SiRRAN’s powerful and secure private GSM network provided UML a cost effective, robust macro-cell solution capable of covering a much larger physical area than its competitors, and based around SiRRAN’s F Series GSMNet servers and GSMNet Macro units.

“SiRRAN’s GSMnet Macro solution provided UML with all of the functionality of a commercial network that was easily installed and integrated into their research and testing environment at a price point which we could afford,” said Vincent Scott, UML’s C5ISR Division Chief and Chief Information Officer.  “Both SiRRAN and 4K Solutions have proven to be extremely knowledgeable and committed partners for our fast-growing scientific institution, and we look forward to achieving many more milestones down the road in support of our broad national security mission.”

 “Even after 20 years perfecting robust and deployable secure communications solutions, it is a challenge to find affordable deployable cellular solutions that really work.  SiRRAN differs in its range, affordability and unsurpassed reliability; matching UML’s need for a next generation platform on which to test”, said David Theriault, President of 4K Solutions,  “Putting the two together to make a solution is just another example of 4k’s leadership in our field.”

About Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories (UML)

The Oklahoma State University Multispectral Laboratories (UML) functions as a public-private partnership between Oklahoma State University and Triton Scientific LLC (TSCI), which received essential initial support from the Ponca City Development Authority and ConocoPhillips, designed to accelerate commercialisation of new technologies for.  The Department of Defense and Homeland Security markets. The non-profit won the 2007 International Economic Development Council Award for the most innovative partnership in economic development in the United States. http://www.okstate-uml.org/

About 4K Solutions

4K Solutions, LLC, is an information technology solutions manufacturer, consultancy and value-added reseller. The company brings over 20 years of Special Operations Communications experience delivering direct critical communications support on some of the most demanding “no-fail” combat missions in the world.  4K Solutions is a certified Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  www.4ksolutions.com



October 21, 2012

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