SiRRAN Tactical Comms provides any mission-critical operation with the capacity and coverage it needs from a dedicated, secure and private cellular network. It can be based on any form factor, right down to the smallest laptop-based footprint.

  • Highly portable, scalable and easy to use with autonomy
  • A proven track record across a wide range of applications
  • Renowned for tactical deployments and permanent embassy-based networks
  • The SiRRAN Roam-In option allows any SIM to be used overseas without comms being exposed to local operators


The SiRRAN Roam-In solution – based on SiRRAN NetCore technology – offers all the benefits of a private network with the ability to use any SIM and automatically receive inbound calls and SMS worldwide to your mobile phone.

Users shouldn’t have to change SIMs or handsets, lose inbound comms or use clumsy call forwarding to overcome the limitations of a non-integrated bubble network. Roam-In delivers the unique ability to move effortlessly between mobile network operators and the private network.

The SiRRAN Roam-In solution enables both basic authentication of the mobile device and full in-roaming. As a result, this allows inbound and outbound voice, SMS and data services through the users existing app-based services, device and carrier-provided SIM card.


Secure Comms
Private, authenticated, geo-fenced mobile communications

Flexibility as Standard
Customise bespoke solutions effortlessly with ‘build your own’ software and powerful APIs

Lightweight and Portable
Deployable and self-installable from a single laptop, backpack, handheld Peli case or vehicle mounted

Quick and Easy Deployment
A well-designed, intuitive interface and simplified provisioning that requires minimal training and support

Scalable and Modular
Easily select and pay for only the features you use. Up or downgrade at any time


SiRRAN provides highly secure mobile networks designed specifically to address the security issues of using mobile devices within embassies and foreign offices overseas.