SiRRAN Public Safety provides reliable cellular communications so that First Responders can directly communicate with survivors, and each other, in the immediate aftermath of a disaster when the existing infrastructure has been destroyed or is non-existent.

Full instant mobile network when existing communications are down

Simple setup, intuitive interface with no technical knowledge needed

Mission-critical features proven to maximise emergency response efforts

Deployable anywhere at speed and scale


Live Services In Minutes
Deploy reliable cellular communications where and when it matters most

Exclusive Communications
Secure voice, SMS and data services reserved for First Responders

Private 3G or 4G Network
Two-way communications between HQ, ground teams and external parties for a coordinated, multi-agency response

High Speed Mobile Data Services
Access and share applications and online services to help with mapping, situational awareness and incident management

Keep Updated With Vital Information
Connect to external services for live information to be aware of further dangers e.g. flood and weather reports


Delivering the unique ability to move effortlessly between mobile network operators and the private network


Highly Portable and Flexible Deployment
Gain rapid access to the disaster zone from a single laptop, backpack, handheld Peli case or vehicle mounted

Saving Lives and Protecting Survivors
Detect, locate and rescue the people most critically in need by tracing specific cell phone signals of the injured

Emergency 2G Cellular Network
Any cell phone within range will automatically register putting First Responders instantly in contact with survivors via voice and SMS comms

Population Broadcast
Send simple one-click SMS push messages to a huge number of survivors over a large area

Maximise Disaster Response Effort
One-touch, pre-configured and simplified interface for easy assisted changes without the need for any technical knowledge


Angel Thunder
SiRRAN excelled in the most challenging crisis and disaster response training environment, enabling pathfinders to establish communications instantly to the amazement of search and rescue teams from around the world.

Philippines Flood Control
With increasing extreme weather events hitting its coastline (the fifth longest in the world), the Philippines Weather Forecast and Flood Control teams use SiRRAN to save lives and speed up relief efforts.