SiRRAN Lab enables global technology and software companies to streamline their app development processes – testing pre-release products in real-world scenarios to understand how they will react, and how potential issues can be resolved, in a commercial environment.

  • Test devices, apps and services accurately in a controlled environment
  • Quickly and easily adapt to suit your specific research or testing purposes
  • Reduce setup time and total cost of ownership for lab and testbed systems
  • Road test new apps and hardware on your own private cellular network


  • Robust Network Testing

  • Reduce risk and improve reliability by testing devices, apps and network behaviour in a repeatable and controlled way

  • Simulate real-world scenarios by replicating the behaviour of a 2G, 3G or 4G LTE mobile operator network

  • Customise Your Environment

  • Fully customisable APIs allow you to build specific environments autonomously – you don’t need to be an expert

  • Visibility into End-To-End Transaction Flow

  • Gain enhanced control, configuration and management with access to the core, gateways, APs and user equipment

  • Easy to Implement and Use

  • Well designed, intuitive interfaces and simplified provisioning require minimal training and support

  • Greatly Reduced Costs

  • Free calls, SMS and data are supported within your network, and our support team are on hand if needed


Delivering the unique ability to move effortlessly between mobile network operators and the private network