Special Projects with SiRRAN

Want to create a truly bespoke, never-been-done-before solution for mobile comms? Our software – NetCore – has the power to create a flexible private cellular network in any situation. The only limit is your imagination.

Talk to us about specialising our software

SiRRAN NetCore software is simple to customise, integrate and build your own solutions around.

NetCore’s powerful and robust API enables you to customise features and functionality exactly to your unique requirements.

It integrates with other systems easily, with support for a wide range of hardware platforms and connectivity to external voice, SMS and data services.

It has been designed as a non-expert system for self-install, rapid setup and easy provisioning across multi-technology environments.


Delivering the unique ability to move effortlessly between mobile network operators and the private network


In-building Cellular Enhancement

  • Rapidly address mobile coverage and capacity issues
  • Enjoy least cost routing benefits across your network
  • Connect your mobiles to the PBX gateway for free calls and texts

Connecting Rural and Remote Communities

  • Reduce costs with local call routing
  • Provide speedy wireless broadband across a remote community
  • Connect easily to local infrastructure and services