Kestrel Joins Forces With SiRRAN To Launch MobileNex

Unifying Field Operations

SiRRAN Communications is pleased to announce a partnership with Kestrel Technology Group LLC; a leader in unifying field operations and enterprise data, to create MobileNex – a solution that enables first responders and law enforcement to communicate in the most unforgiving of environments.

MobileNex combines Kestrel’s Field Information Support Tool (FIST) with SiRRAN’s mobile 3G network software to empower security missions, governance and humanitarian operations whereby, officers in the field can talk to one another and to their superiors while also collecting and then acting on real-time intelligence – regardless of location or the surrounding communications infrastructure.

MobileNex uses off-the-shelf communications tools (like an Android device) to gather intelligence from officers on the front lines. With these tools, officers feed information into a larger database compiled from a variety of sources (including other officers) that informs strategic and tactical decision making. This is then passed back to the people working out in the field.

“It’s ideal for smaller law enforcement agencies because it can unify operations and reporting and scale capability, creating a force multiplier,” said Ivan Cardenas, technical director of the Kestrel Technology Group. “It is a sophisticated system, but it is easier to use than the complexity suggests.”

MobileNex is a portable, battery powered cell network—a network in a box. It creates a local, closed network that any agent within range can access to communicate and record intelligence. The unit provides local communication in areas where there is no coverage, and if there is no way to access the communications grid, it captures intelligence and transmits it to the larger repository as soon as it finds a signal.

“We often forget that without network access, we’re blind,” said SiRRAN’s Director of Sales Mark Briggs. “Our technology brings that cell network to anywhere that it is needed.”

About Kestrel Technology Group LLC

Kestrel Technology Group (KTG) is a US based minority owned small business that has created the Field Information Support Tool.  Kestrel knowledge powered solutions for technology, analytics and field operations are deployed worldwide in law enforcement, environmental, disaster response, research, and security applications. For more information, please visit



February 20, 2016

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