First Responders Excel During The Most Challenging Training Environment In The World With SiRRAN Rescue

SiRRAN Rescue – Search & Rescue Agency

A Crisis and Disaster Response Agency selected SiRRAN Rescue to support information gathering, transmission, command / control support, location finding and common communications platform, during the most challenging of environments.


Disaster Response

Search & Rescue Agencies focus on the first few days of a crisis or disaster, aiming to put expert crisis and disaster response personnel on the ground in the shortest possible time. Conducting disaster reconnaissance and immediate assessments empowers search, rescue and command support missions.


Extreme Environments

Angel Thunder is designed specifically to deliver real-world scenarios which are challenging to the participants – especially in relation to interoperability and less than optimal communications conditions.  Creating the ideal training environment; a number of scenarios took place in both mountain and desert locales to put Search and Rescue teams, processes and equipment through their paces.


Instant Communications

During a multiple casualty search, rescue and multinational military team evacuation mission our software allowed the Pathfinder Team to establish communications instantly.  Under the challenging conditions of such a mountainous region with no existing communications infrastructure, this empowered every mobile and smart device user within the area.


SMS real-time information broadcast

They broadcasted a text message which allowed the recipients to call and request help and casualties were able to make international calls to next-of-kin.

The SiRRAN technology captured the casualties’ phones and we were able to send them messages that help was on its way, to the amazement of the other Search & Rescue Teams.  They were not expecting us to be able to create a network, capture numbers and reach out to the injured to give reassurance to them whilst we triangulated their positions.
– David Jones, Commanding Officer.


November 11, 2017

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