First-Of-Its-Kind Advanced LTE Testbeds Created For Aspiring Engineers Worldwide With SiRRAN Lab

SiRRAN Lab – European Research and Experimentation Initiative

A European Commission Initiative was looking to source the first ‘truly open and operational’ LTE experimental facility for the research community.

Traditionally, research programs have relied on solutions with limited functionality which lack the visibility into end-to-end transaction flow on both the transport and application layers, and without the use of APIs to “customise” the cellular environment for specific research purposes.

We were selected based on our ability to provide configurable commercial mobile network software offering open interfaces for optimal experimentation purposes.


Fully Customisable

Our API allowed for customisation by end-users and provided the ability to develop applications and custom features around the software that are not easily obtainable in the system of large-scale mobile networks.


Simplified Interfaces

A highly intuitive user interface offers complete system configuration, monitoring, and real-time analytics – all from a single dashboard for easy assisted changes without requiring domain specific knowledge.

The EPC was installed on 9 server nodes, interconnected to multiple ip.access eNodeBs and to UEs. These were deployed in both a lab, utilising robots to facilitate automated, repeatable real-life mobility scenarios; and to simulated mobility equipment, using variable attenuation to emulate mobility scenarios in a controlled environment.

We are proud to won a joint award with ip.access for the Social Impact Award at the 2015 Small Cell Forum Small Cell Industry Awards: 

“By delivering their eNodeB and EPC technology with enhanced control, configuration and management capabilities, the companies have greatly enhanced the ability of a generation of researchers to develop and test ideas on fully operational testbeds.”
– Keith Dyer, The Mobile Network (Judge)



December 11, 2017

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