Tired of Excessive Roaming Costs for Your Travelling Staff?

SiRRAN Offers a Highly Secure Private Mobile Network Solution for Embassies and Foreign Offices

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The Issue

Embassy employees use local SIMs to overcome excessive roaming charges or roam their own SIMs onto a foreign operator’s network. Both have significant security risks due to voice and data being exposed within the local mobile operator’s network.

Security plays a major role in environments where confidentiality is critical, e.g. for diplomats and embassy staff whilst they are located in foreign territories.

Our Solution

With SiRRAN’s solution a network can be built using 2G, 3G or Private LTE coverage, which ensures that users get the type of service that is pertinent to their role within the embassy and all communication is secured back to the home territory. 

Voice & Data Protection

The SiRRAN solution leverages a secure IP-connection back to the head office which means that application based voice and data are protected within the confines of the foreign office.

Sovereign Spectrum

As the embassy is effectively built on sovereign soil the spectrum can be managed within its border and therefore will enable use of local spectrum, without the issues typically experienced with deploying Private LTE (P-LTE) in foreign territories.

Geo-Fencing to Provide Increased Security

Offering white and black listing of mobile devices and ensuring only authorised users are able to join the embassy network. Blacklisted or unfriendly SIMs are flagged when trying to access the network which effectively geo-fences the embassy environment.

Increased Efficiency

The bandwidth requirement at each embassy node is also lower than in a traditional Mobile Operator model as a result of moving data communication within the network. Localised internet caching can also be used within the embassy further reducing latency and bandwidth requirements.

A Reduced-Footprint EPC

SiRRAN’s solution is designed as a reduced-footprint EPC, which is ideally suited for use in a decentralised network model; using a virtualised, edge of network installation of the MME, SGW and PGW components that integrates with a local HSS, PCRF and IMS platform. The SiRRAN NetCore LTE API also facilitates remote configuration and monitoring of the EPC components, from a centralised management function.

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November 7, 2018

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