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Powerful API: More Flexibility – Faster Development – More Efficiency

SiRRAN has continually expanded the functionality within its NetCore software for over a decade, providing bespoke solutions to Government, Intel Agencies, System Integrators and large Blue Chip Organisations. Our flexible API enables them to customise features and functionality to build solutions exactly to their and their customers’ requirements. Easy to Integrate – Non-Expert-System To enable our... View Article

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SiRRAN Celebrates 10 Years of Mobile Solution Deployment

Since inception in 2008 SiRRAN has continuously provided high quality mobile solutions to military, government agencies and large enterprises. SiRRAN‘s major achievements and highlights have included: Roll-out of the largest small-cell network in the world designed specifically for First Responders Provision of lab-systems for all of the largest IT-companies and universities in the world Bespoke... View Article

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Tired of Excessive Roaming Costs for Your Travelling Staff?

SiRRAN Offers a Highly Secure Private Mobile Network Solution for Embassies and Foreign Offices To receive the full case study or discover more please contact The Issue Embassy employees use local SIMs to overcome excessive roaming charges or roam their own SIMs onto a foreign operator’s network. Both have significant security risks due to... View Article

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Has the Bubble Burst? Overcome Frustration With Your Private Mobile Network

Mobile users want to move from macro to micro networks without fear of losing functionality or having to make changes on their mobile device – and we believe they should be able to. However, many stand-alone private mobile networks do not allow inbound and outbound calls and messages with the same device. These limitations –... View Article

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Decentralised LTE Network: Lower Latency – More Efficiency

The world is moving from LTE network to 5G and the demands of “connected cities” with many thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices needing to intercommunicate in real time. This is driving the requirement for faster low-cost low-latency connectivity. Challenges of a Traditional Centralised Network In the traditional 4G or LTE network model, the... View Article

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Long Term Evolution to 5G

5G will provide the underlying fabric to enable the next generation of wireless devices to achieve greater data speeds, energy efficiency and lower latency, independent of radio technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the requirement for faster low cost low latency connectivity. A plethora of new applications, wearable devices, smart homes, vehicle management,... View Article

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SiRRAN And NetNumber Expand Private LTE Network Solution Ecosystem

We are proud to announce collaboration with NetNumber, the leading provider of Centralised Signalling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to the global communications industry.  Last year, NetNumber announced its scalable, software-based Private LTE network infrastructure delivered via the NetNumber TITAN CSRC platform and designed to integrate with radio and packet core solutions from ecosystem vendors. ... View Article

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Creating Industry Firsts

SiRRAN Flex – US Security & IT Partner Known for solving telecoms challenges through innovative software-centric solutions, we were asked by our client to solve a problem for them in the secure networks space that was not currently possible. Demonstrating our ability to innovate and drawing upon our expertise in mobile network software, we provided... View Article

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Reshaping The Mobile Landscape Powered By SiRRAN NetCore

SiRRAN Lab – Multinational technology client Our client was looking to set up a product testing lab systems in three locations. They selected SiRRAN Lab based on our track record of delivering research and testing solutions with configurable and flexible components. SiRRAN Lab provides the same architecture and functionality as that of commercial mobile operators... View Article

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