Has the Bubble Burst? Overcome Frustration With Your Private Mobile Network

Mobile users want to move from macro to micro networks without fear of losing functionality or having to make changes on their mobile device – and we believe they should be able to.

However, many stand-alone private mobile networks do not allow inbound and outbound calls and messages with the same device. These limitations – unless addressed – act as a barrier to wide scale deployment of private mobile infrastructure and small cell networks.

Enable seamless connection between public and private mobile networks

Stand-alone, bubble networks and DECT replacement are valid ways of using private mobile technology to address small parts of the total available market. On the other hand, they fail to leverage the power of the mobile device and its ability to move seamlessly between private and public networks.

Above all users expect to have ubiquitous access to standard mobile network functionality, apps and contacts in both the public and private network domains. Similarly, there is extreme resistance to changing mobile device usage or behaviour to allow movement from environment to the other.

Small cell and private mobile network providers can broaden their market

SiRRAN has provided its Roam-In service for the last eight years on 2G, 3G and now 4G / LTE networks. SiRRAN Roam-In allows users to effortlessly move between traditional mobile network operators and the private network. The advantage provided by this functionally will enable private mobile technology and small cell networks to address a far broader market seeing large scale deployment in the following areas:

  • Geo-fencing
  • High security networks
  • In-building
  • In-fill
  • Maritime
  • Military
  • Social inclusion

This paradigm shift in private network integration with traditional mobile operators has seen rapid expansion of Private LTE within mobile operators and enterprises.

One authentication for all networks

The SiRRAN Roam-In solution – based on SiRRAN NetCore technology – enables both basic authentication of the mobile device and full in-roaming. As a result, this allows inbound and outbound voice, SMS and data services through the users existing app-based services, device and carrier provided SIM card.

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October 4, 2018

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