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SiRRAN & ip.access win the Social Impact Award at the 2015 Small Cell Forum Small Cell Industry Awards.

We are proud to announce our joint award winning entry with ip.access for the Social Impact Award at the 2015 Small Cell Forum Small Cell Industry Awards.

SiRRAN & ip.access win the Social Impact Award at the 2015 Small Cell Forum Small Cell Industry Awards.

Traditionally, research programs have relied on solutions with limited functionality, which lack the visibility into end-to-end transaction flow on both the transport and application layers, and without the use of APIs to “customise” the cellular environment for specific research purposes.

To remove these constraints, the EU launched and partly funded the unique FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for Open Experimentation) initiative. FLEX is the first project to provide a truly open and operational LTE experimental facility to researchers from academia, research centres and SMEs. And the project relies on commercial LTE small cells from ip.access and EPC from telecoms software company SiRRAN Communications.

“This is the first truly open to the research community setup, supporting multiple configuration parameters, thus enabling a very high diversity in the different configurations supported by the research facilities. We believe that the FLEX project will pave the way to advancements in telecommunication technologies… towards contributing actively to the existing standards for LTE and LTE-Advanced.”

Professor Leandros Tassiulas, FLEX Project Coordinator

The judges were impressed by the commitment shown by ip.access and SiRRAN to extending open access to real world technology, via the EU FLEX project:

“By delivering their eNodeB and EPC technology with enhanced control, configuration and management capabilities, the companies have greatly enhanced the ability of a generation of researchers to develop and test ideas on fully operational testbeds.

The lack of such facilities often limits the ability of research students, so this project has delivered a real impact in the academic community, with results that can only be beneficial for the wider small cell ecosystem.”

Keith Dyer, The Mobile Network (Judge)

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