About SiRRAN

SiRRAN Communications Logo

We are SiRRAN Communications, a software & services company specialising in mobile networks and global solutions for telecommunications.

We are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with presence in the UK and Channel Partners worldwide.

  • Our Team

    Enabled by a small, agile team of industry leading engineers and led by a highly experienced international management team. Management has attracted an all-star Board of Directors to help steer growth, including CEOs, Chairmen and investors from renowned wireless carriers and IT security companies in the industry.

  • Changing the architecture of mobile

    Disruptive to how networks are traditionally deployed, our software is based on the concept of small cells – with all of the features and functionality of the large OEM providers yet in compact modular form. Each module is individual and independently scalable, adding more network flexibility.

  • Decentralising Mobile Networks

    Placing the registration and operations databases at the edge empowers instant local communication, eliminating the traditional problem of high capacity backhaul and centralized core requirements. A collapsed network benefits from integration to local data services whilst having the option to maintain a link to mobile operator services driving down operational costs and opening up new markets.

  • Solid foundation

    SiRRAN software components are Linux based modules designed for a reliable carrier grade system. Fully compliant with industry standards and protocols, they are tested on the very latest handsets and network equipment.

  • Software Innovation

    Setting new standards in information security and network integrity, SiRRAN are renowned for technology leadership in the small cell arena; receiving industry recognition from the Small Cell Forum in 2015 for design and technology innovation.